My Journey Down The Path Of Life

The Journey is the Road We Are Destined to Take May The Light Shine Brightly On Our Path

Judyth Clarkson




Author Judyth Clarkson doesn’t remember when she first realized that she enjoyed writing. It wasn’t until graduate school when she became aware of how much she liked to write. In My Journey Down The Path Of Life, she reveals how writing became a way for her to deal with her thoughts and emotions when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.


My Journey Down The Path Of Life tells the author’s true story of how cancer affected her life, love, and hopes for the future. When she learned she had breast cancer, the myriad of emotions overtook her thinking process and completely filled her mind. She realized she had to get rid of the heavy weight hanging over her head and get them out and down on paper. Clarkson started journaling and this led to poetry writing. In this book, she shares six years worth of excerpts from her “journal” along with “Poems and Other Things”.


As you immerse in this autobiographical account, one of the messages that will resonate with you is that life is too unpredictable and short for “maybe later”. The author realized this, and thus, adopted a “just do it” attitude. You will be amazed at what she has accomplished over the past four years. Clarkson’s outlook on life changed and she believes she has become a better person for having had cancer. She encourages us to face life with enthusiasm and to always move forward one day at a time.



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